ACFI Optimisation

Aged care providers works hard to take care of older age residents and they desrerve to recieve the ACFI revenue which is consistent with care provision. To ensure the agreement it is compulsory for the care provider to be upto date with claiming and auditing trends. And Local Health Care is here to assist with,

• Preparation of ACFI Packs and Supporting Documents
• Claim Submission Assistance
• Ongoing ACFI Monitoring
• Pre-Audit Meeting with ACFI/Facility Management
• Site wide ACFI review of ADL/BEH/CHC Domains
• Staff Consultation Sessions – Identifying Key Clinical Indicators
• Staff Education and Training

Local Health care seeks and identifies the uplifting opportunities through wide range of auditing of all 3 domains. Furthermore, we also assist care providers in the preparation and submission of ACFI packs that includes supporting documents as well. Here provider doesn’t have to worry about loss of documents because follow-up reports are available to track submissions and also can identify further chances and ensure measurable ROI.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.