Assistance to Travel / Transport

Individuals who find it challenging to travel independently without assistance should go for transportation services. A reputed company that is inclined to offer Assistance to Travel / Transport can help participants travel safely and independently.

One well-known name is Local Health Services Australia, which is always dedicated to delivering professional Assistance to Travel / Transport services to groups and individuals. With the right equipment and support from our end, we ensure to serve you in the best possible manner.

Participants typically access funding through NDIS for transport assistance if they find a tough time using public transport because of disability. Local Health Services Australia provides travel assistance, they help participants complete their day-to-day activities and meet their requirements for living a sustainable life.

Continuously Offering Best-In-Class Assist Travel / Transport Service In Australia

At Local Health Services Australia, we understand that the most vital part of your travel is reaching your destination on time. We have designed our travel assistance for seniors’ services in such a manner so that you are assured of feeling comfortable and safe all through your journey.

Our team of experienced drivers and support workers are always focused on respecting your unique requirements. It is something that sets us apart from others.

With the NDIS, you can now decide which particular services match your requirements and goals and how those services are delivered. The best part about our services is that we can tailor them so that it effectively suits your specific needs. Depending on your requirements, we can even modify our services.

We are involved in offering top-notch home care and travel assistance for elderly services, which makes us one of the best disability service providers in Australia. Our clients receive a comprehensive range of services and support whenever they approach us.

Whenever you choose us as your partner, we will assign you a personal travel assistant who will take care of your requirements well. Our highly experienced professionals will make the transition easy for the patients.

Along with offering transport support, we also assist our clients in obtaining the aid and equipment required to travel independently. We again offer our clients training on how to use public transportation effectively, which helps make their travels comfortable and easy.

Being a leading home care NDIS service provider in Sydney, we always deliver our best services by keeping clients’ comfort and needs in mind. Our utmost priority at Local Health Services Australia is to assure you of a comfortable, safe and well-trained ride.

Services That We Offer To You

  • Will provide travel and transport to and from all your destination
  • Will drive you from your house to your workplace and back home
  • Will drive you to your community participant and other adventure which you may have planned
  • Will take care of you and all your particular requirements for your travel
  • Shopping

At Local Health Services Australia, we are committed to catering to your distinct requirements and making your travel and transport journey successful.

Assistance to Travel / Transport, Local Health Services Australia

Whenever you approach us for assistance, a member of the Local Health Services Australia will take you to your appointment, or elsewhere you wish to go in the community and finally bring you back to your house.

We are involved in offering comfortable and safe transportation routinely, including regular medical appointments, weekly shopping trips, etc. We schedule in advance, so you do not have to worry about anything.

If you are looking forward to reaping all the excellent benefits of our best services, such as travel assistance or other NDIS services, then it is time to schedule an appointment with us.

Our expert team will guide you in the best possible manner. We always follow a scheduled and structured travel plan to ensure a safe journey. So, what are you waiting for? Book our Assistance to Travel / Transport or travel assistance for elderly services today to make the best out of it.


How Does The Assist Travel NDIS Work?

The NDIS effectively improves the ability of the participants to travel independently. An NDIS transport support may particularly incorporate aids and equipment concerning personal transportation or training in public transportation.

Are Transport Based On Core Supports?

Social and Community Participation Assistance, which enables you to engage in recreational or social activities, aids in supporting transportation if you find difficulty using public transportation.

Will The NDIS Pay For Travel?

If you have to pay for extra travel costs like public transportation tickets, parking, or road tolls, you will have to pay charges accordingly. If you need a ride, a support worker can also provide you with assistance in the community. Read more about this here.

What Is The Travel Cost Under The NDIS?

Providers must also charge you for travel time as part of the standard claim. Travel time claims should be identified as the claim type. Amounts should reveal the actual amount of travel time. For instance, you can bill only 10 minutes for the travel time.

Using various homecare services such as helping daily activities, personal assistance for seniors, Participate Community, home improvement, and so on, elders can improve their health and life with proper care and compassion. Contact our knowledgeable staff at 0451 622 279 or admin@lhsa.com.au for further information.

Transportation services for disabled

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.