Occupational Therapy

Growing age can decline your ability to enjoy the physical activities and also to remain independent. The inability in functioning of systems in your body gradually lowers participation in community activities and , poor body functioning gradually led to poor mental condition. But, Local Health Care Therapist can be responsible for your daily care and promote one’s well being by helping them to participate in daily activities. In other words, Physiotherapist helps to improve the functional capacity that eventually reduces the burden of care on your staffs and results in better health outcomes.

Our staffs are desperate to work closely with the residents to know what is their preferences and work on the strategies to overcome functional and cognitive issues.

Here are functions that occupational Therapy provides,
• Dementia Care Planning
• Specialist Equipment Prescription
• Upper Limb Therapy
• Environmental Modifications
• Individual Functional and Cognitive Assessment
• Rehabilitation and Falls Prevention Programs
• Ergonomic Environment Reviews
• Seating and Wheelchair Assessments
• Pressure Area Care Consultation and Equipment Advice
• Staff Education and Training

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.