Residential Aged Care

A team of health professionals who are dedicated to improving the delivery of allied health services at your home.

As you get older, you might find it hard to do household tasks or have health problems that make it hard to live in your own home. Sometimes, getting help at home can be enough to continue living on your own, however, if you can no longer manage, you may want to consider moving into a residential aged care (also known as nursing homes or residential aged care services). Local Healt Care provide safe and comfortable accommodation as well as ongoing healthcare, support and social interaction that can adapt to your changing needs.

Local Health Care homes provide a wide range of health and support services that cater to people with different health and lifestyle needs. Services range from help with daily tasks and personal care to 24-hour nursing & respite care services.

Respite care

If you or your carer needs a break, it is worth thinking about a short-term stay through a respite care program. Respite care can be a great way to get a change of scenery, give your carer a break and still get all the day-to-day help you need. Short-term stays are also a good way of ‘testing out’ a residential aged care home if you are considering moving in permanently.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.