Pain Management

It is known to all that, around 80% of aged care residents suffers or live with chronic pain. And we, Local Health Care are devoted to solve pain problem among the residents. Our pain management programs are designed so well that it satisfies the requirements of the Aged Care Funding instrument and also promotes the health choices of residents. We provide education, medication reviews and relevant consultations that is why we are able to provide evidence- based treatment approach for individual resident. It is widely accepted that 80% of aged care residents live with chronic pain. Local Health Care pain management programs are designed to satisfy the requirements of the Aged Care Funding Instrument, whilst empowering residents to take control of their health choices. By providing education, medication reviews and relevant consultations, we are able to implement the most evidence-based treatment approach for each resident.

• Individual Pain Assessments
• Completion of Relevant Treatment Directives
• Consultation with ACFI Coordinator/Facility Management
• Documentation of Pain Management Treatments
• Obligation free CHC ACFI Uplift Audit
• Staff Education and Training
• Ongoing Reporting of Documentation/ACFI Revenue/Potential Uplift


After a detailed and processed auditing of Complex Healthcare claims, residents can be identified and assessed for suitability after achieving CHC uplift. Then our staffs collaborate with onsite ACFI staff and management and then begin the documentation requirements and the submission process.

Based on recent validation trends and ongoing education on ACFI documentation requirements our staff process the comprehensive auditing systems and also includes regular on-site reviews to provide management with validation certainty.

We, Local Health Care management, are present throughout the ACFI validation periods to back the on-site. Also review the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to know how they can be essential part in Pain Management Program

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.