Physiotherapy is a special kind of aged care setting that is peculiarly been funding focused and under delivered. Local Health Care is desperate to lead the way of physiotherapy in quality enhancement. There are tons of challenges but we understand how to implement, develop and maintain physiotherapy programs in residential aged care.

This is how we care through Physiotherapy programs,
• Parkinson’s Specific Exercises
• Return from Hospital Planning
• Individual Assessment and Treatments
• Establishment of Outcome Measures
• Family/Case Conferences
• Group Exercise Programs
• Falls Prevention Initiatives
• Orientation to Physiotherapy
• Care Staff/Nursing Education Sessions
• Manual Handling Assessment and Training

We understand and implement to ensure the proper understanding of physiotherapy to residents and their families. Such understanding among the residents helps us to plan the individual outcome measure and most efficient, comfortable and effective environment and ensures socially inclusive approach.

We are the first aged care service provider at local health care level and all of our staffs are aged care experts. Not to mention, all the physiotherapist have completed or enrolled in the Gerontology in Physiology- level 1- course through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Our primary aim is to give a healthy and quality life to our patients through innovative and resident specific programs. We guide our clients to plan and acquire the achievement they have dreamt of, through rehabilitation and reablement.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.