It is common have a feet, anckle and lower extremity disorder with a growing age. Such diorders grow due to improper care like inappropriate choice of footwear and some naturally gets associated with such disorders. But, podiatry is an ultimate solution for proper care of lower extremity. It has been found that regular podiartic care can decrease the risk of such diorders and at the same time recudes the hospitalisations. Furthermore, podiarty plays pivotally in management of Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetes. Also, podiarty deals with disableness like difficulty in locomotion, inability to bent the knees by costumizing the orthotics. Podiarty is key solution for your feet as it serves in following sectors as well,

• Managing lower-limb chronic and mild wounds and ulcers.
• Musculoskeletal injuries are diagnosed and treated medically or surically.
• Regular monitoring of systemic changes like Circulatory and Sensory changes.
• Basic care of foot like pedicure, corn enucleation and callus debridement.
• Treats other abnormalities like athlete’s foot, flat foot, fungal nail infections, hammertoe, cal and mallet toes, Achilles tendonitis, Ankle sprain and other common abnormalities.

Regular or scheluded treatment of lower extremty, foot and anckle is essential in order to prevent the disorders. Our podiarty team plans the treatment schedule to ensure the aproprite treatment according to the severeness of disorder. At the same time, the team also try to manage the expenses of the patients so that they get proper treatment at reasonable price. Moreover, our faculty staffs also expertise in DVA and Medicare CDM requirements.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.