Speech Pathology

Speech pathology mainly focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing that may be present for life time if not treated. Here, speech pathologist can play vitally by maximizing communication and swallowing ability through counselling or direct intervention thus ensure the quality life of your residents.


In Australia, communication disorders effects upto 95% among the elderly living in residential aged care. As it is basic part of everyday living, our therapists are there to propagate the ability to communicate whichn is directly proportional to quality of life. Local Health Care therapists helps and reccomend the spectra of communication aids and specialised treatment that supports the normal aging process and improper neurological conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia.


Education on signs of swallowing difficulties, how to improve communication abilities and how to practice speaking can be essential in improving life standard. We, local health care, are here to provide informative sessions for families, residents, nurses, kitchen and catering staffs. We also care and assit in confirming resident safety. Overall, effective education can be importent in prevention of ailment and empowering people tom stay content.


Difficult Swallowing (Dysphagia) is a problem for 40-50% of aged care residents . It takes more than usual time for swallowing that eventually may lead to choking, aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition and dehydration. Speech Pathologists from Local Health care can provide on-site assessments and specific recommendation for well resident’s well being and safety. Our therapist  mainly focuses on minimizing the consumption of thickened fluids and modified diets in order to promote normality.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.