Staff Education & Training

Staff education and training is essential, especially when they have to take care and maintain quality life in residential aged care. Local Health Care acts and provide gamut of education syllabus to enhance the skill of your staff in caring for the elderly.

We have experienced and professional guide available to train on-site at short notice and fulfill your accreditation requirements. We can redesign our module to meet the individuals requirement of your home.


Among orderly people, falls is one of the reason of functional decline, chronic wounds and even mortality. The immune system became weak and wounds require more than usual time to heal. But falls can be preventive according to the research. Certain multidisciplinary strategies like empowerment, encouragement and education on falls can be effective to minimize the falls.

This is how we encourage to prevent the falls in older age,
• Proactive Community Change Initiatives
• Falls Prevention Exercise Sessions
• Falls Data Reviews
• Risk Identification Analysis
• Comprehensive Staff Education
• Establishment/Participation in Falls Prevention Committees


Inappropriate manual handling are key reason of falls and skin tearing among aged care facilities. ‘Guide to Manual Handling’ by our experienced AHPRA registered clinicians and designed especially for Care/nursing and Auxillary staff is an ultimate choice that includes theorotical and practical sessions. And this well-designed manual includes,

• Annual Competency Training and Assessment
• Use of Assistive Equipment
• Practical solutions to injury prevention
• Pre-Employment Orientation Programs
• Free education handouts


Unbearable chronic pain is frontmost effecting around 80% of aged care residents. And it is responsible for decrease in mobility, particiapation in daily activities, socialisation, community engagement and increase in level of dependence. Moreover, one has to suffer from mental ailment as well. That is why we aim to empower and educate residents and staff to lower the chronic pain and prevent sufferings.

• Massage for Pain
• Free education handouts
• Resident/Staff Specific Education Sessions
• Use of Electrophysical Agents – Heat packs, TENS machines etc

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.